Lake Agassiz Lake Agassiz

The Rise and Demise of the World's Greatest Lake

Author: Bill Redekop


Lake Agassiz may be the largest lake the world has ever known. By comparison, today’s Great Lakes are puny. Born of the melting ice that had covered North America for millennia, Lake Agassiz was a force of nature for 6,000 years. Its story is one of superlatives: inconceivable tsunamis that bored through solid rock; tributary torrents that gouged huge valleys, and colossal outpourings that created a mini-ice age in Europe,

            Yet most of us know little about it. Bill Redekop’s Lake Agassiz: The Rise and Demise of the World’s Greatest Lake will change all that. Enthralling, enlightening and often amusing, it tells the story of the huge phantom lake from its discovery in the late 19th century to its impact on our lives today.

            If you only buy one book this year, it should be Lake Agassiz.



The #1 Non-Fiction Title in Manitoba, 2017





Bill RedekopAuthor: Bill Redekop

Bill Redekop is an award-winning journalist and author of three previous books. He has won a prestigious National Newspaper Award and his book, Crimes of the Century: Manitoba’s Most Notorious True Crimes, won the Mary Scorer Best Book Award.

Other books include Crime Stories: More of Manitoba’s Most Famous True Crimes, and Made In Manitoba: Best of the Open Road Stories.

Bill has written another book for Heartland Books - Dams of Contention

The Rafferty-Alameda Story and the birth of Canadian Environmental Law

Redekop writes for the Winnipeg Free Press and lives in Winnipeg.


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No. 1 Manitoba bestseller in 2017


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