Fur Trade Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America

 Author: Barbara Huck et al


Following the continent's waterways, the fur trade opened North America. Highways and airways have replaced the ancient river routes, but this fascinating history lives on.

Heartland's remarkable guide takes you from Quebec to Oregon, featuring stunning photography, dozens of maps and full driving directions to more than 130 sites.

Great for both 'take to the road' types and for armchair travellers, this expertly written and researched guide has won accolades from scholars and travellers alike.




Barbara HuckAuthor: Barbara Huck

Barbara Huck is an award-winning journalist, author and publisher, who has authored or co-authored several national bestsellers, including In Search of Ancient Alberta (with Doug Whiteway); Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America and In Search of Ancient British Columbia, as well as The Land Where The Sky Begins



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WINNER: Best Illustrated Book of the Year award, 
Manitoba Book Awards, 2000


 The best book on the market on the fur trade.

Gail & Michael Evans-Hatch, Consulting Historians - US National Parks Service


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Second Printing - 2006

Third Printing - 2012


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