Wild West


Wild West:

Nature Living on the Edge

Authors: Heather Beattie & Barbara Huck


More than 50 endangered animals, plants and ecosystems of Western North America


Few things are of more concern to Canadians and Americans _ or indeed people anywhere in the world _ than the state of our Earth's environment and the species who co-habit it with us. From polar bears and geat blue whales to lake sturgeon and chinook salmon; from the Pacific albatross and California condors to swift foxes and the rare ocelot; from the inland temperate rainforest to the tall grass prairie, Wild West looks at each.


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Heather BeattieAuthors: Heather Beattie & Barbara Huck


Heather Beattie


Heather Beattie holds three degrees, a B.A. from the University of Winnipeg, and two M.A. degrees, one from York University in Toronto and the other from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. She works as an archivist at the Hudson's Bay Company Archives. 









Barbara HuckBarbara Huck


Barbara Huck is an award-winning journalist, author and publisher, who has authored or co-authored several national bestsellers, including In Search of Ancient Alberta (with Doug Whiteway); Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America and In Search of Ancient British Columbia, as well as The Land Where The Sky Begins.




Awards and Reviews


WINNER: Mary Scorer Best Book of the Year, 2012



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