Wapusk Wapusk:

White Bear of the North


Author: Rebecca Grambo

Photography by Dennis Fast


Polar Bears, the great white bears of the Arctic - are both better known and more threatened than at any time in recent history. Advances in technology and travel have made it possible for more people to see them than ever before, even as global warming and toxic pollutants pose deadly threats to the world's 22,000 polar bears, about 60 per cent of which live in Canada.

In this climate of crisis acclaimed nature photographer Dennis Fast and wildlife author Rebecca Grambo have combined to create an intimate portrait of one of Earth's most majestic and mystical creatures.

Wapusk - Cree for "white bear" - was photographed in a variety of locations around Hudson Bay, capturing the remarkable life cycle of Canada's best known polar bear population.

While it also features images of many of the other species that share this rugged northern landscape, this is not only a photographic journal, but rather the story of a key species in crisis.