The Land Where the Sky Begins The Land Where The Sky Begins

North America's Endangered Tall Grass Prairie and Aspen Parkland

Photography: Dennis Fast

Author: Barbara Huck


Once, the eastern prairie was an ocean of grass. Once, it sustained a sea of life. Once, newcomers were left speechless by its enormity and fertility.

Today, the northern tall grass prairie is among the most endangered landscapes on Earth; less that one per cent of that magnificent sea of grass remain. But in many places and many ways, efforts are being made to preserve those last remnants and restore what's been lost.

Stunningly photographed, beautifully designed and lyrically written, The Land Where the Sky Begins opens with the evolution of grasses-without question the most important plants on the planet-and traces the history of North America's tall grass prairies and aspen parkland. The second half of the book flows through the seasons, highlighting, with detailed information and magnificent photography, the birds, mammals and plants - including some that are gravely endangered - that can be seen in the winter spring, summer and fall.


Full proceeds of sale support the work of the Nature Conservancy.