Rick-BookAuthor: Rick Book


Author of Sacagawea and Blackships / Thanadelthur


Rick is a Saskatchewan-born writer and voice actor living in Toronto. His short story collection, Necking With Louise, has won several awards and is being published in the United States, Germany and Mexico. He has also written a children's picture book, The Lonely Seagull, as well as stories in anthologies for Canadian schools.


Rick worked for the CBC for 10 years as a news reporter, and has written national advertising campaigns and documentaries. As a voice actor, he narrates commercials, documentaries and books for children. He is co-founder of Friends of Attawapiskat, a support group that sends hockey equipment and musical instruments to a Cree community on James Bay.


Rick has just finished writing Sacagawea: The Making of a Legend (March 2003), about the Shoshone teen who accompanied Lewis and Clark in 1803-6 on their journey to the Pacific. Told from her point of view, the story tells of the adventures and transformation of a young woman, originally brought along as the wife of a translator, to that of a central figure in the expedition. Part of the Young Heroes of North America series, this exciting story is first being released in an illustrated paperback format.


Blackships / Thanadelthur is the first volume of Young Heroes of North America. Working with historians, archaeologists and cultural specialists, Rick brings history to life and celebrates the remarkable and little known achievements of real stories and real people who changed the course of history in North America (see accompanying information).


His son and daughter are his in-house editors and critics.