Master of My Fate


Linda McIntosh
with Steven Fletcher


 Though completely paralyzed from the neck down, Fletcher has been a Member of Parliament for more than a decade, making him a role model for catastrophically injured people everywhere and an inspiration for people of all abilities. By introducing two nationally significant bills into Parliament, he has challenged Canadians with a series of questions about dying with dignity. Master of My Fate not only focusses on the issue from one man’s perspective, but outlines the debate with contributions from both professionals and a broad cross-section of Canadians.

Who owns our lives? By what right do we force people to suffer intolerably as a result of grievous, irredeemable medical conditions, when all they want is to end the torment? When will Canadians truly be masters of their own fate?

For a broader perspective of this issue, please see Steven Fletcher’s cover article in the June 24, 2015 issue of The Economist:





Linda McIntosh

with Steven Fletcher

The author of What Do You Do If You Don’t Die?, on Steven Fletcher’s long battle back from his devastating collision with a moose, writer and artist Linda McIntosh follows with Master of My Fate, which tackles a fundamental question of our time: should Canada adopt physician-assisted death? While focussing on the issue from one man’s perspective, this book also outlines the surrounding debate with contributions from both professionals and a broad cross-section of Canadians. McIntosh, a former Manitoba cabinet minister, and her husband Don live in Ignace, Ontario, on the shores of beautiful Lake Agimak.







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Master of My Fate


168pp • Softcover
Illustrated • 6 x 9

ISBN 9781896150-83-3

Ancient-Heartland-CoverIn Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland

Discover Manitoba's Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology


By Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway

Geologically and geographically, Manitoba is truly North America's heartland. A place of subtle and varied landscape, it was nearly two billion years in the making. But clues to its ancient past are everywhere—in its plains and hills, along its lakeshores and rivers, and around its seacoast.

For the first time, the geological, paleontological and archaeological wonders of Manitoba are gathered in one place. With hundreds of colour photographs, maps and drawings, In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travellers, creating an indispensable guide to the forces that have shaped the spirit of the land.



















Barbara HuckBarbara Huck

Barbara's passion for history began during summers as a child in Saskatchewan's ancient and fascinating Qu'Appelle Valley and winters wandering through what is now the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. History was put on hold during two decades she spent as a National Newspaper award-winning journalist and broadcaster, and it wasn't until the last two decades that she has been able to focus again on the past, as an author, editor and publisher.

In that time, she has authored or co-authored eleven books, including four national bestsellers, and won six awards as a writer and editor, including the 2013 McNally Robinson Book of the Year award. During the same period, Heartland Associates has won twenty-seven awards and been nominated for many more. Barbara is married to Peter St. John, the 9th Earl of Orkney. Together they have eight children, ten grandchildren, and always, a golden retriever.



Doug-WhitewayDoug Whiteway

Doug is a Winnipeg writer and editor. With Barbara Huck, he was co-writer of In Search of Ancient Alberta and One Hundred Years at St. Charles Country Club: A Centennial History, as well as contributing to other Heartland publications. A former editor of Canada’s History magazine, he also writes crime novels under the pen name C.C. Benison.










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Full color

320 pp

ISBN: 9781896150-81-9



Meditations on his Life and Mysterious Death


Author: Dr. Stefan Carter


Dr. Stefan Carter, a vascular specialist at the University of Manitoba Medical School, has had a lifelong affection for and affiliation with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Poland and exposed to Mozart's music from early childhood, Dr. Carter investigates Mozart's life and death, from the dual perspectives of passion and professional training.

A lifetime of careful reading of the literature combined with vascular medical research have led Dr. Carter to speculate about why Mozart died so young. Further research conducted over the years has also yeilded new and fascinating insights into Mozart's family life. This gem of a book, sized at 5.5 x 6 inches, is a perfect gift for music lovers and a timely celebration of one of the world's greatest composers.



Stefan Carter 

Born and brought up in Warsaw, Poland, Stefan Andrew Carter survived the horrors of World War II and immigrated to Winnipeg in 1948. He enrolled in the University of Manitoba and graduated with MSc. and MD. degrees in 1954. He did postgraduate training in cardiovascular function and vascular disease in Winnipeg, New York and the Mayo Clinic. In 1958, he returned to Winnipeg to join the staff at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba in the Departments of Physiology and later Medicine.

Over a period of forty years his teaching about cardiovascular function was combined with research and clinical work. The results of his research were presented at national and international meetings and led to numerous publications in refereed journals, reviews and book chapters. Throughout this time, he was a staff member at St. Boniface Hospital and director of its Vascular Laboratory. In 2003, he was a recipient of the St. Boniface Heart Care Award.

His extracurricular activities include talking about his experiences in World War II to high school and university students, and are centred on his family and music. He married Emilee N. Horn, an artist and teacher in the blackboard jungle of New York. They are proud of their sons, Dr. Joel W. Carter, an ER and palliative care physician with an interest in the therapeutic role of storytelling, and Andrew T. Carter, a choreographer and theatre director.

 Dr. Carter's interest in music originated with his family in Poland, and continued in Canada as an amateur on period intruments - the recorder and viola da gamba - and recently the clarinet. His passionate interest in Mozart has led to a study over a number of years and recently to an essay on the death of Leopold Mozart, published in the Mozartjahrbuch ("Mozart Year Book"), as well as to this book.


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On-Sober-Second-ThoughtOn Sober Second Thought

A Novel

Author: Barbara Robson Bond

Warren English knows the Senate’s reckless spending is a time bomb. But he’s not going to light the fuse.
He’s about to lose his job as a senator’s speechwriter. and without a job, how will he persuade the lovely
Kate to marry him? When J.C. CLoutier, aide to the government leader in the Senate, enlists him in a sly
scheme to cover up the brewing scandal, he is set to jump in. But before he can have a sober second
thought, he is derailed by an event that threatens to blow the lid off the Senate-literally.








Barbara Bond signing at one of her launches



Barbara Robson Bond is a writer, researcher and award-winning journalist. From the late 1960s to the 1990s she held staff positions at newspapers in Ontario and Manitoba, the Canadian Press wire service in Toronto and Maclean’s magazine. Through freelance work, she extended her reach to the U.S. and the U.K. Her investigative journalism has appeared in The Economist and US Magazine.
Her groundbreaking reporting on environmental issues has been honoured by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and by the Governor General of Canada. After three decades as a reporter, editor and editorial writer, she turned to work with the Information Commissioner of Canada. In 1994, she joined the office of Senator Mira Spivak of Manitoba as a researcher and speech writer and was later appointed policy advisor. She remained with Senator Spivak until the senator’s retirement in 2009. On Sober Second Thought is her second novel; the first, The Beach Walkers, is set in Florida.



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Pelicans to Polar Bears Pelicans to Polar Bears

Watching Wildlife in Manitoba

 Author: Catherine Senecal


 This is the first and only complete wildlife viewing guide to the province of Manitoba. Drawing on the expertise of wildlife and birding specialists, it presents accurate, detailed, season-specific information on 100 sites throughout the province.

Manitoba is not only the best place in the world to view polar bears and beluga whales, it is also one of the hemisphere's prime birding sites. Here, nature-lovers will find wetlands ranked among the best on the globe and habitats that attract a huge array of species, as well as the only free-roaming herd of wild wood bison outside the northern territories, and vast herds of tundra caribou. The province also boasts dozens of places to view deer, elk, moose and bears of almost every color.

With dozens of full-color maps, hundreds of images from some of Canada's top wildlife photo-graphers, and detailed background information on each site, Pelicans to Polar Bears will appeal not only to dedicated birders and naturalists, but also to those who value Canada's wild places.



Catherine SenecalAuthor: Catherine Senecal

Catherine has travelled extensively as a travel writer and photographer, exploring many parts of the world. Her shining achievement as an author is the best-selling guide Pelicans to Polar Bears: Watching Wildlife in Manitoba. Soon to be reprinted again, the book has been a Manitoba favourite since its release in 1999.

With over 100 sites, Catherine and a small team visited and researched most of the province. Her enthusiasm is evident "Manitoba is not only the best place in the world to view polar bears and beluga whales, it is also one of the hemisphere's prime birding sites. Come to see wild bison, vast herds of caribou, elk, moose, bears of every color phase and much more."

 Catherine lives in Winnipeg and looks forward to weekends with her son and husband at some of the notable nearby nature preserves.

Photographer: yyyyyyy  YYYYYYY

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Awards and Reviews


WINNER: Best Illustrated Book of the Year award, Manitoba Book Awards, 2000



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Softcover /Full color throughout

6 x 9”

256 pp.

second edition - $14.95 Cdn

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