Master of My Fate


Linda McIntosh
with Steven Fletcher


 Though completely paralyzed from the neck down, Fletcher has been a Member of Parliament for more than a decade, making him a role model for catastrophically injured people everywhere and an inspiration for people of all abilities. By introducing two nationally significant bills into Parliament, he has challenged Canadians with a series of questions about dying with dignity. Master of My Fate not only focusses on the issue from one man’s perspective, but outlines the debate with contributions from both professionals and a broad cross-section of Canadians.

Who owns our lives? By what right do we force people to suffer intolerably as a result of grievous, irredeemable medical conditions, when all they want is to end the torment? When will Canadians truly be masters of their own fate?

For a broader perspective of this issue, please see Steven Fletcher’s cover article in the June 24, 2015 issue of The Economist: