On-Sober-Second-ThoughtOn Sober Second Thought

A Novel

Author: Barbara Robson Bond

Warren English knows the Senate’s reckless spending is a time bomb. But he’s not going to light the fuse.
He’s about to lose his job as a senator’s speechwriter. and without a job, how will he persuade the lovely
Kate to marry him? When J.C. CLoutier, aide to the government leader in the Senate, enlists him in a sly
scheme to cover up the brewing scandal, he is set to jump in. But before he can have a sober second
thought, he is derailed by an event that threatens to blow the lid off the Senate-literally.








Barbara Bond signing at one of her launches



Barbara Robson Bond is a writer, researcher and award-winning journalist. From the late 1960s to the 1990s she held staff positions at newspapers in Ontario and Manitoba, the Canadian Press wire service in Toronto and Maclean’s magazine. Through freelance work, she extended her reach to the U.S. and the U.K. Her investigative journalism has appeared in The Economist and US Magazine.
Her groundbreaking reporting on environmental issues has been honoured by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and by the Governor General of Canada. After three decades as a reporter, editor and editorial writer, she turned to work with the Information Commissioner of Canada. In 1994, she joined the office of Senator Mira Spivak of Manitoba as a researcher and speech writer and was later appointed policy advisor. She remained with Senator Spivak until the senator’s retirement in 2009. On Sober Second Thought is her second novel; the first, The Beach Walkers, is set in Florida.



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