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For longtime residents of "The Lake", this is the best book ever written on Lake of the Woods

Long-time Lake of the Woods resident Agnes Hall



A tribute to a beautiful place and its history. it¹s rare to find a book that combines personal appreciation of a place with a thorough knowledge of its history and its transformation over the centuries. Heather Robertson and Melinda McCracken have combined their love of Lake of the Woods and the area surrounding it with meticulous research into its history. The result is a thoroughly readable and entertaining book that will appeal to a great variety of people.



Readers who have never seen Lake of the Woods will find the book appealing for its presentation of a place and the people who have lived there over the last few thousand years. Readers who regularly vacation around Lake of the Woods will love the book for the depth it provides in a historical grounding, and readers who live on Lake of the Woods will feel their area has been thoroughly understood and appreciated.



The book's authors take [the lake] through to the present day, and it's fascinating right to the last page. Every community should have such a beautifully written and well researched history published, but in the meantime we should be thankful to see Lake of the Woods celebrated in such an elegant form.

Linda Turk ­ Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal