Meditations on his Life and Mysterious Death


Author: Dr. Stefan Carter


Dr. Stefan Carter, a vascular specialist at the University of Manitoba Medical School, has had a lifelong affection for and affiliation with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in Poland and exposed to Mozart's music from early childhood, Dr. Carter investigates Mozart's life and death, from the dual perspectives of passion and professional training.

A lifetime of careful reading of the literature combined with vascular medical research have led Dr. Carter to speculate about why Mozart died so young. Further research conducted over the years has also yeilded new and fascinating insights into Mozart's family life. This gem of a book, sized at 5.5 x 6 inches, is a perfect gift for music lovers and a timely celebration of one of the world's greatest composers.



Stefan Carter 

Born and brought up in Warsaw, Poland, Stefan Andrew Carter survived the horrors of World War II and immigrated to Winnipeg in 1948. He enrolled in the University of Manitoba and graduated with MSc. and MD. degrees in 1954. He did postgraduate training in cardiovascular function and vascular disease in Winnipeg, New York and the Mayo Clinic. In 1958, he returned to Winnipeg to join the staff at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba in the Departments of Physiology and later Medicine.

Over a period of forty years his teaching about cardiovascular function was combined with research and clinical work. The results of his research were presented at national and international meetings and led to numerous publications in refereed journals, reviews and book chapters. Throughout this time, he was a staff member at St. Boniface Hospital and director of its Vascular Laboratory. In 2003, he was a recipient of the St. Boniface Heart Care Award.

His extracurricular activities include talking about his experiences in World War II to high school and university students, and are centred on his family and music. He married Emilee N. Horn, an artist and teacher in the blackboard jungle of New York. They are proud of their sons, Dr. Joel W. Carter, an ER and palliative care physician with an interest in the therapeutic role of storytelling, and Andrew T. Carter, a choreographer and theatre director.

 Dr. Carter's interest in music originated with his family in Poland, and continued in Canada as an amateur on period intruments - the recorder and viola da gamba - and recently the clarinet. His passionate interest in Mozart has led to a study over a number of years and recently to an essay on the death of Leopold Mozart, published in the Mozartjahrbuch ("Mozart Year Book"), as well as to this book.


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