Blackships Blackships/Thanadelthur

Young Heroes of North America

(Volume 1)

Author: Rick Book

Illustrated by Amanda Dow


This is a new series about real teens whose lives and actions changed the course of history in North America. Great for young readers 10-14, this series is extensively researched and lavishly illustrated with historically accurate paintings and beautiful photographs. Accompanied by a running sidebar glossary of unfamiliar words and pronunciations. 2 stories in the first volume.

Two brothers, sons of the noted Iroquois leader Donnacona, are taken to France by Cartier in 1534. They learn French, are presented at court and return to save Cartier's life. But disaster looms.

In 1715, when her companions are exhausted and afraid to continue, a young Dene teen strikes out on her own across the tundra, determined to make peace between two warring nations.

This story is also on audio CD.


Now included as a recognized supplementary text for the Western Canada Social Studies curriculum. 
Teachers Guide available.