The Great War From the Great War to the Global Village:

A Window on the World


Editor: Peter St. John



From the Great War to the Global Village: A Window on the World combines a history of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, with some of the best papers on the subject that have been given in the past decade.


The CIIA evolved from John W. Dafoe's passionate interest in things international. Dafoe was the long time editor of the Winnipeg Free Press and in his time, an outspoken and internationally known writer and commentator on foreign affairs and Canada's place in the world. With Winston Churchill, his was among the few voices who railed against accommodating the expansionist tendencies of Adolph Hitler during the late 1930s.


While two biographies of Dafoe have been written, this is the first book to look at the tremendous impact he had on Canada's community of internationalists, and to follow his legacy through nearly a century. In his footsteps have come such well-known Canadians as former Foreign Affairs Ministers Lloyd Axworthy and Barbara McDougall and diplomat and current minister to the U.S. Congress Colin Robertson, among others. All are represented in this volume, a book that will enlighten and inspire and perhaps make Canadians think about the world in which we live.