What do you do if you don't DieWhat Do You Do If You Don't Die

The Steven Fletcher Story


Author: Linda McIntosh


 In less than a decade, Steven Fletcher's remarkable courage and determination took him from the scene of a horrific collision with a moose to the Canadian Parliament, the world's first C4 quadriplegic to win a seat in a national legislature.Stephen Fletcher


Along the way, he has changed the way governments, universities and insurance companies, among others, deal with the critically injured, and become a beacon of hope and inspiration for disabled people around the world.




Linda McIntoshAuthor: Linda McIntosh

Linda McIntosh is a writer and artist who lives with her husband Don on the shores of beautiful Lake Agimak in the boreal forests of Northwestern Ontario, in the township of Ignace. The McIntoshes have two adult children.


During the 1980s and 1990s, Linda was a politician in Manitoba, Canada, first elected as a school trustee and then as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, where she served as Treasury Board minister, Education minister and minister responsible for the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation in Premier Gary Filmon's Progressive Conservative government.


Says the author, "I first met Steven when he came to see me during my tenure as a cabinet minister. Steven had been out of the hospital for a relatively short time, and he wanted the government to make some changes to its policies in order for him to realize greater independence. I liked him immediately. I liked the logic of his presentation and the way he articulated his case. I liked the way he had screwed up his courage and managed to get himself into the minister's office to make his pitch. He acted as if his life depended on it. And to a degree, it did.


"Eventually a deep and lasting friendship formed between us, a relationship that has always had as its hallmark a direct and honest dialogue." Linda has been Steven Fletcher's close friend and mentor for many years.



Awards and Reviews


From long-serving member of parliament and provincial MLA Bill Blaikie:

Potential readers of other political persuasions would do well to not be bothered by the politics ... They should enjoy the book for what it is, a well told story of how a remarkable young man came to terms with a horrible accident, and went on to smash limited expectation after limited expectation, not to mention a few political egos into the bargain.                   

Bill Blaikie, former MP and provincial MLA: The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, October 2009




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