A View from the Leg A View from the Ledge:

An Insider's look at the Schreyer Years


Author: Herb Schultz


A View From The Ledge is a unique view of the Manitoba's first NDP government. Author Herb Schulz, Premier Ed Schreyer's brother-in-law, served as the premier's special assistant between 1971 and 1977. 

His account paints portraits of Premier Schreyer and Winnipeg Mayor Stephen Juba, as well as many cabinet ministers and other personalities who made the politics of the era tick. Schulz gives real insight into the inner workings of 'The Ledge'.


Focussing on both the triumphs and the travails of the Schreyer government - from the success of Autopac and the visionary pursuit of Manitoba's vast hydroelectric power potential to the disasters of Churchill Forest Industries, and Saunders Aircraft - this book makes fascinating reading throughout.


Finally, Schulz writes with amazing candour about the defeat of the NDP government by Sterling Lyon's Conservatives, who Schulz says, descended on the New Democrats 'like a wolf out of the North'.

Manitobans have waited a long time for this book. It is personal, opinionated, at times abrasive and often funny. But its ultimate strength comes from its source - a witness to power as close as one can get.


Whether your interest is political, historical or simply one of curiosity, Schulz will not disappoint.