Just Common SenseJust Common Sense

The Life and Times of George Taylor Richardson


Author: Tim Higgins



Just Common Sense is the story of George Taylor Richardson, fourth-generation president and CEO of James Richardson and Sons, Ltd., one of very few North American companies still privately owned after more than 150 years. Just as JRSL is more than simply a family firm, with investments in grain and oilseed production, transportation, oil and gas, shipping and the financial industry, so George was more than just a company president.


Like his father James A., he is a dreamer, but like his mother Muriel, whom he succeeded, he is also a realist. Combining their talents, he led Canada into international sales with Communist China, brokered deals with unions with a hands-on appreciation of their work, served as Canada's first home-grown governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, and directed its transition from London to Canada. As a pilot, he flew his own helicopter, using it for decades to investigate grain crops, railway lines and shipping terminals, as well as for trips to Canada's north, which he loved.


In short, GTR, as he is widely known, is a visionary, the kind of business leader Canada sorely needs. This is his remarkable tale.