Battling for a Better Manitoba Battling for a Better Manitoba:

A History of the Provincial Liberal Party


Author: Dr. Jon Gerrard


Written by a former party leader, Dr. Jon Gerrard, this is not only the first modern history of the Manitoba Liberal Party, but a sweeping chronicle of the province itself. 

Battling for a Better Manitoba begins before the province was founded and profiles of many of the men who built Manitoba's foundations and went on to make their mark on Canada. These include Clifford Sifton, who vigorously promoted the first great wave of Western Canadian immigration; Stuart Garson, who fought for equalization payments for the provinces, and Douglas Campbell, a leader in promoting rural electrification.

Later chapters include both the contributions made by and the challenges facing Izzy Asper, who went on to found the Global television network and publish the National Post, and Sharon Carstairs, Canada's first female Opposition leader and later Canada's Senate leader. The final, stirring chapters show Dr. Gerrard's deep commitment to both Manitoba and the fundamentals of Liberalism and make clear why he decided to leave a lucrative and meaningful career as a childhood cancer specialist to lead a revival of the Manitoba Liberal Party.




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