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Heartland Associates - In Search of Ancient....

In Search of Ancient....

Heartland's initial focus was to publish books that explored the early beginnings of North America in a way that was easily comprehensible for general readers. Beginning with In Search of Ancient Alberta, award-winning authors Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway created a route-oriented, site specific guide to the geology, paleontology and archaeology of Alberta that quickly became a national bestseller.

It was followed by the very popular Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America, which has now gone to three editions with sales of nearly 25,000. Another national bestseller, In Search of Ancient British Columbia, and Heartland's award-winning book on endangered species of Western North America, Wild West: Nature Living on the Edge, quickly followed. These unique travelers' guides have become Heartland's signature releases.

And released in April 2015 is the third in the series: In Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland: Discover Manitoba's Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology. With the same route-oriented format the province comes alive in the telling of its natural history and beautiful full color images.

Now the 2nd edition of In Search of Ancient Alberta updates this innovative series with the latest infomation and findings from this captivating province.


The 'In Search of..." series


9781896150840In Search of Ancient Alberta

2nd Edition - National Bestseller

Completely updated in 2016 with current information and new sites. Easy to read, full color and packed with information, maps, photographs and original illustrations, this national bestseller makes it clear that Ancient Alberta is much more than dinosaurs.







Fur Trade



Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America

International Bestseller (Called the best book on the fur trade in North America)

Completely updated and highly praised, this international bestseller follow North America's major fur trade routes, providing information, maps, photographs and artwork on more than 100 major sites in both Canada and the U.S.








In Search of Ancient British ColumbiaIn Search of Ancient British Columbia

National Bestseller

This stunning guide provides in-depth, easily understood information on more than 100 sites from the Burgess Shale to Barkley Sound.  Illustrated with beautiful maps, magnificent photographs, original illustrations and archival paintings, the past springs to life from its pages.







Wild West 



Wild West: Nature Living on the Edge

Winner: 2011 Mary Scorer Best Book of the Year Award

Covering dozens of endangered species across Western North America, and packed with magnificent photographs, territorial maps and current information, this award winner also covers the evolution of each pecies as well as recovery projects.


Wild West SO

Wild West BFF

Wild West PB














In Search of Canada's Ancient Heartland

Discover Manitoba's Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology

Geologically and geographically, Manitoba is truly North America's heartland. A place of subtle and varied landscape, it was nearly two billion years in the making. But clues to its ancient past are everywhere—in its plains and hills, along its lakeshores and rivers, and around its seacoast. With hundreds of colour photographs, maps and drawings, In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travellers.




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In Search of Ancient....

In Search of Ancient British Columbia

In full color and loaded with maps and information, each book in this unique series takes readers on a fascinating tour.  Here are national bestsellers on the geology, paleontology and archaeology of a particular province or region, an international bestseller on North America's fur trade, and a sweeping view of the fascinating past and uncertain future of dozens of our endangered species.  All are highly recommended. Read more...


Currently Being Featured....

Kisisk Cover

Kisiskatchewan: The Great River Road

Award: McNally Robinson Book of the Year

Based on the journal entries Orkneyman William Tomison wrote daily in his various capacities with the HBC, these writings, always in his elegant script, paint an outline of life at the time. This book faithfully follows his journals, but has gone beyond them to recreate one of the most turbulent periods in our history. Read More