• Young polar bear takes a dip in Hudson Bay

    © Dennis Fast (www.dennisfast.com)

  • Brilliant fall colors of an Arctic tundra pond

    © Dennis Fast (www.dennisfast.com)

  • Bison herd in Manitoba

    © Jerry Kautz

  • Birch River in south-eastern Manitoba

    © Dennis Fast (www.dennisfast.com)

  • Sculpter Marcel Gosselin's 'The Path of Time' at The Forks, Winnipeg

    © Peter St. John (www.heartlandbooks.ca)

  • Barren-ground caribou bull

    © Dennis Fast (www.dennisfast.com)

  • Old growth Douglas-fir on Vancouver Island

    © Peter St. John (www.heartlandbooks.ca)

  • Limestone Cliffs in Lake Winnipeg's North Basin

    © Roger Turenne

  • The ancient Riing of Brodgar, Orkney

    © Peter St. John (www.heartlandbooks.ca)

  • Pelicans Climbing Rainbow Falls - eastern Manitoba

    © Peter St. John (www.heartlandbooks.ca)

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 210 Lake Agassiz

Lake Agassiz

The Rise and Demise of the World's Greatest Lake


The #1 Non-Fiction Title in Manitoba, 2017





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Over the years, our commitment to sharing stories of the people and places has grown to include fiction, biographies and political non-fiction. Heartland delves into stories and intrigue – real and imagined – that variously inspire, educate, entertain and provoke.

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In Search of Ancient Alberta

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In Search of Ancient British Columbia

In full color and loaded with maps and information, each book in this unique series takes readers on a fascinating tour.  Here are national bestsellers on the geology, paleontology and archaeology of a particular province or region, an international bestseller on North America's fur trade, and a sweeping view of the fascinating past and uncertain future of dozens of our endangered species.  All are highly recommended. Read more...


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Kisisk Cover

Kisiskatchewan: The Great River Road

Award: McNally Robinson Book of the Year

Based on the journal entries Orkneyman William Tomison wrote daily in his various capacities with the HBC, these writings, always in his elegant script, paint an outline of life at the time. This book faithfully follows his journals, but has gone beyond them to recreate one of the most turbulent periods in our history. Read More