Princess-Cover Princess


by Dennis Fast


The story of a mother polar bear and her new-born cubs, Princess acquaints children with the joys of watching wildlife. As Princess teaches her cubs their lessons of life, the story introduces many species that call the Far North their home.

Written in rhyming couplets and featuring Dennis Fast's magnificent photography, Princess will delight youngsters between the ages of two and six, and charm their parents and grandparents. Designed to be read aloud, it communicates the challenges of the Arctic and yet shows how a polar bear mother and cubs confront many of the challenges that parents and children face daily. There are also 'Did You Know' facts throughout the book and a Polar Bear Activity Page (with answers!).

Above all, Princess seeks to create a greater awareness of, and emotional involvement with, one of the world's great carnivores. Says the author, "Wildlife needs all the help and support it can get from humans who are rapidly encroaching on what little habitat is left."


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