If Butterflies Dream If Butterflies Dream


Author: Dana Duke



First time author Dana Duke combines fantasy and romance in this unusual, story of a woman who is consumed by grief in If Butterflies Dream.

Ellie's world seems almost perfect until her lovely daughter begins a chain of events that turns her life upside down. As fall becomes winter and winter melts into spring, she discovers a world she never dreamed existed.


Drawn into a seductive universe that seems more fulfilling, more genuine, vastly more gratifying than the reality that confronts her daily, Ellie balances on the edge of the existence she has always known.



Barb DukeAuthor: Dana Duke


Dana Duke is the nom de plume for Bea LeDuc, who was born in Ontario, but lived in Manitoba for twenty years until recently returning to her home province. She has always had an interest in writing and though she has written many short stories and poems, If Butterflies Dream is her first novel.


It was inspired by the writings of Confucius, and specifically by the quote used in the introduction: "Am I man who dreams he's a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he's a man?" Though the book was written only recently, the idea originated from that short line many years ago, while Dana was still a high school student.





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